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Windows give our home light, warmth, and ventilation, but they can also negatively impact a home’s energy efficiency. But why not install beautifully finished windows that are energy efficient too?

Energy efficient windows have a range of benefits not only for your home but for the world around you too. They give you:

· Smaller energy bill
· A warmer home
· A quieter home
· Reduced condensation

This time we’ll try to explain how energy efficient windows work and why they are great for your home. Below we’ve listed some of the features of energy efficient windows.



In comparison to single glazing, or even the older style of double-glazing, energy-efficient glazing has the added bonus of gas in between two sheets of glass, to create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. Traditional double-glazing typically uses argon gas in-between the layers of glass. However, if you choose slim double glazing for your home or a period property, we use krypton gas which has better insulating properties. Krypton has a higher level of energy efficiency due to the fact that it has a greater density and therefore better at reducing heat loss in smaller spaces.



Up to 80% of energy lost through a window occurs at its edge. The spacers that are used in traditional double-glazing are usually made from aluminium, which may not be the best for trapping heat. Instead, double glazed windows that use warm-edge spacers have a warmer internal edge temperature by up to 65% that helps to improve the energy efficiency of the window, as well as reduce the risk of condensation.



Frames for energy efficient windows should ideally be made of sustainably-sourced timber, preferably hardwood or treated softwood. Try to avoid PVC because of its inflexibility, liability to crack. Basic aluminium or other metal frames are definitely to be avoided because the metal will conduct heat out of the building.

Here at Ranebrook Windows, we make custom, hand-made frames from treated Finger-joined Pine, Meranti or Oak which are energy efficient, durable and environmentally friendly. Contact Karolina on 01322 332237 today to get a free no obligation quote and arrange a site survey.


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