Care Kit For Windows

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Water-based care product that is ideal for maintaining windows that have been protected with Remmers wood coatings.

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Timber windows and doors add value to homes and can provide a well over 60 years lifecycle comparing very favourably to other materials. Your timber windows and doors are treated with a high-performance Remmers coating system. While this offers very long-term performance against the harsh UK climate, the items still must be maintained properly to achieve an extended lifespan. Simple steps such as wiping down the joinery finish on a regular basis to remove dirt and insects will help extend the lifespan of the decorative finish and the joinery. It can be done at the same time as cleaning the glass.

The care set offers the following benefits.

  • Cleans surface removing any damaging dirt or mould
  • Restores gloss level helping improve water-shedding properties of the coating system
  • Provides a sacrificial coating that reduces the erosion of the factory-applied coating system
  • Regular use increases the time between maintenance intervals and extends the lifespan of the surfaces

Additional information



Density (20 °C)

Approx. 1.01 g/cm³ (2743 Cleaner for Care Kits) Approx. 1.04 g/cm³ (2744 Wood Balm for Windows)


Characteristic (2743 Cleaner for Care Kits) Mild (2744 Wood Balm for Windows)

Technical documents for professionals can be found in our Document Center.


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